Strip It!

Hey girls! I know you hate those stubborn underarm hair that looks gross and manly. It’s such a major turn off, right? My boyfriend & my other guy friends say that it looks gross and that they will never go for a girl with underarm hair even if that girl is so pretty. Haha!
Now, how to get rid of those underarm hair that turn off most guys? Strip it!

Strip It is a hair removal cold wax. It is safe to use on all parts of the body like face , legs, underarms, bikini line or even Brazilian waxing. 🙂 It is also contains natural ingredients so you don’t have to worry about having allergic reactions 🙂
This sugaring wax smells sooo good unlike other waxes that’s really a pain in the nose. Haha! It is also soo effective! I’ve tried using it in my underarms and I absolutely love the results. It’s been weeks and the hair haven’t grown much yet, and it lightens my underarms too. There’s a little hair growing but some just falls off like magic~
They’ve said that with regular use of Strip It, less hair will grow everytime you use it until no hair grows at all. Don’t you just love it? I’m so excited to know that someday, my underarms will be hair-free! Haha!
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