Few weeks ago, I received a pair of Terra and Agua Flats in Raspberry Metallic from Officine shoes. It’s so pretty!!

There you go, it’s so pretty! They are my favorite pair of flats at the moment. It is made of PVC plastic but it doesn’t look like one, it also looks classy with the gold embellishments. I am really amazed on how they were able to design these very classy shoes out of PVC Plastic. It’s just so amazing!
This Terra & Agua flats are so comfy to wear. It’s really a reliable confidante if you’re going on a long walk and still wanna look fashionable. 🙂
Admit it, sometimes our feet just need to take a break from those stilettos. I know and I understand that being a girl, you’ll go on being fashionable than comfortable in terms of choosing a pair of shoes (tiis ganda!). But why let your feet suffer when there’s Terra & Agua shoes that’s so fashionable and really comfortable at the same time?
Comfy + Classy + Fashionable + Durable + Easy to clean = Terra & Agua Shoes from Officine
They’ve got lots of designs to fit every woman’s taste so head up on Officine Shoes now and get yourself a pair!
I love all their designs and I know that you’ll love them too! 🙂
I’m also in love with this pair from Terra & Agua. Take a look at the flats in Nude Light here. Soo Pretty!
PS. I’ve got an outfit post wearing these lovely flats from Officine. Watch out! 🙂


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