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Hello lovelies! How are you all doing? I have found this new shop that offers organic products, it’s called Milea Bath and Body Essentials 🙂 They offer wide variety of all organic products. 🙂 New found food shop for our skin! 😀
Let me show you what I got 🙂

I’ve got their Sun Balm, Choco Lip Balm, and Sassy Lip Creme Valentine. 🙂 They are all so good. Swear! =)

Sun Balm is a must have! We should always protect our skin from the harmful rays of sun. It’s SPF30+ so we’ll surely get the protection our skin need. Though summer is about to end, it doesn’t mean that you will just leave your skin unprotected. Those UV rays harms our skin a lot that it actually scares me. Don’t wanna take risks on having skin cancers. Haha! *paranoid* This Sun Balm also contains Zinc that promotes skin health. This product has so much more to offer! =)

Moisturizing my lips has never been this delicious! Thanks to this Choco Lip Balm, it smells like a delicious chocolate with a touch of minty feel. This lip balm is perfect for chocolate suckers like me. =) You’ll always want to moisturize your lips if you have this lip balm. I assure you. 😀

Lip Creme Valentine is just so good. It glides perfectly on the lips giving that perfect matte finish. It’s like my daily lip creme! I love how I can use it alone. It’s like a lip balm and a lipstick in one. I am amazed how it keeps my lips soft and moisturized and it doesn’t fade easily. It’s a perfect formula for the lips. 
I would like to thank Milea All Organic for sending me these wonderful Organic products. I am amazed with the journey of this shop, it shows what a mother can do for sake of her children. It was so inspiring 🙂 You may read it here.
If you want to get some food for your skin, you may visit Milea Bath and Body Essentials on:

PS. I just saw their Organic Make Up Remover and I think it is a must have for us girls! =) Go check it out!


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