Meet my Everyday Bag :)

Hello darlings! have you heard about IZZOshop before? It’s the home of cozy caves for your cameras and other things! 🙂 I love how they come up with those fashionable camera bags. If you’re tired with that plain old black camera bag, then you must shop at IZZO. All are so fashionable. No wonder lots of their bags are sold out! No worries, they always come up with new designs 🙂
Btw, Madz send me a bag few weeks ago. It’s so pretty, it’s my new everyday bag actually.

I got a Sasha everyday bag in Powder Blue. I love it so much! I love the color and I also love its size, the usual things I carry with me everyday fits perfectly in this bag 🙂 If you’re a sucker for pastel colors like me, must check out Sasha bags in Pastel colors. However, if you’re not a fan of pastel colors but love this bag, you don’t need to worry ’cause Sasha also come in Bold Colors. 🙂 Perfection! 🙂

I got this little note from Madz of IZZOshop. I don’t know but I find this really cute. I love receiving packages with little sweet notes likes this. So sweet! Btw Madz, I really like the bag you sent me, actually not just like, I’m inlove with the bag! Thank you for sending it to me. Thank you so much! 🙂

There you go lovelies! That’s my new everyday bag from IZZOshop. Visit their site now! They also offer Camera bags, Laptop Bags, Gadget Cases, Camera Straps, Bag Organizers, and everything pretty! 😀
That’s all for now lovelies, hope you find this post helpful 🙂


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