Don’t Blend in, Stand out!

One usually want to blend in, afraid to stand out with the crowd. I don’t think it’s a nice idea to let yourself just blend in when you’ve got style to flaunt. It’s not wrong to be different, it’s great actually! We are all beautiful in our own ways, so bring out that confidence you’ve been hiding for quite some time now and flaunt what you got! 🙂
Moving on to the outfit post…

I got the Bright Yellow Silk Single Shoulder Flounced Dress from Sheinside. I think it’s the perfect dress to wear when you wanna stand out in the crowd at night. Its a style stalker! :))
You may notice that I’m not wearing much accessories, I decided to wear minimal accessories ‘cause I don’t want to overdo the outfit. The dress itself is so flattering. 🙂

I just pair the dress with these gorgeous earring from Mauve which adds up elegance to the whole outfit. I got it from the mail today and I literally fell inlove upon seeing it. So there you go, can’t help myself from using it right away! Haha. It’s so pretty, right? 🙂
Do you find an inspiration with this post? If you want more fashionable pieces for your wardrobe, then you must not waste a second. Visit Sheinside & Mauve now! They’ll satisfy your cravings for fashionable stuffs! 🙂


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