Dolly Eyes

I have a confession to make my lovely readers. 🙂 I’ve always wanted to have a pair of gray eyes, but I’m a Filipina (I’m very proud of it) and having gray eyes is just not usual. Never heard of a Pure Filipina having a pair of gray eyes. Haha! I envy those who have a pair of gorgeous gray eyes. Those eyes are just so sexy. *melts* Haha!
Now, I can have those gray eyes. Thanks to Uniqso! They send me a pair of dollyeye contacts in gray. I’m more than happy! :p

The contacts are contained in these two cutie-patootie bottles. The bottles are so cute. I know you’ll agree with me. It’s really so adorable :p

And eyes, I have a perfect eyesight. Thanks to Papa God! :p

And here is how my eyes look like when I’m wearing the contacts sent by Uniqso. My boyfriend says it looks like a cat’s eye. Do you agree with him? Whether you agree or not, I still love the results, I love the color and the diameter of the lenses is just perfect for my eyes :p
If you want to try new things for your eyes, better check Uniqso. They’ve got wide variety of contact lenses’ to choose from 😀
You may also wanna check their Facebook Fanpage here.
That’s all for now lovelies! I’m hoping the you’ll find this review helpful! 🙂


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