Hello there lovelies! Another outfit post to share with you. I think this outfit is perfect for summer. It’s so comfortable to wear, especially the skirt from Romwe. 🙂 

I am supposed to call this outfit post “Playful” ’cause I really love playing with this Anomalous Hemline Lightweight Skirt (I can’t find the link, I think it’s sold out now) Romwe but I can’t find a decent photo to post when I was still playing with the skirt. So yeah, just called this outfit “Anomalous”. Did I make any sense? I hope so! :p

The skirt is overwhelming already so I decided to pair it with a simple tank top. I think it turned out pretty well. 🙂 This skirt is not just fab, it’s also so comfortable to wear. It’s lightweight and I love how it sways every time I move. It looks so good too when it’s blown by wind, so dramatic! :p

The skirt and tank top alone looks a bit dry so I decided to wear my Silver Black Faceted Sticks Pendant Neckalce from Romwe to spice the outfit a bit. This necklace looks so unique. Who doesn’t love uniqueness? No one! This piece is a must have ’cause it can easily spice up an outfit 🙂 
Do you love my skirt and necklace from Romwe? Shop now!


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