Gift giving—in its many, varied forms—is a huge part of the holidays. It’s not about getting gifts or material possessions; it’s a reflection of the season’s underlying values of generosity, thoughtfulness, and love.

The act of getting the perfect gift for your loved ones has its own rewards. The idea of surprising them on Christmas Eve is even more enjoyable. But “fun” becomes stressful when you find yourself in the middle of an overwhelmingly large crowd inside a mall, clueless about what gift to buy for them. View Post

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Fingerprints are our individual identity markers. They’re the physical attributes we take for granted, too. But, they have deeper meaning, especially when it comes to love.

We usually hold hands with the person we love. It creates an intimate bond. It encourages intimacy and romance. When we hold hands, we leave our fingerprints behind. View Post

rack's sm mall of asia steak platterThis post is looong overdue. I actually forgot that we dined at Racks a few months ago. I was browsing through my photos and found these shots. So yeah, I’m sharing our Racks experience at their SM Mall of Asia Branch with you today!

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Choosing an engagement ring is one of those challenges that every man must face, and it is oh so easy to get it completely wrong. Every woman has her own definitive style and if the ring is not in line with her preferred look, the ring will lose some of its sparkle in her eyes. There are, however, certain styles that suit every personality, and if you would like to select a ring that really melts her heart, here are a few ideas to give you some inspiration. View Post

Pax Moly Cleopatra Blackhead PackYou guys know that I love charcoal infused beauty products! I feel like it really detoxifies my skin! 🙂 I have used numerous face masks and face packs but I still felt giddy when I got my hands on the Pax Moly Cleopatra Charcoal Blackhead Pack.

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