Revlon is already a renowned company so I don’t think it needs further introduction, Let’s just talk about the shades I got. Thank you Eman, the new PR Marketing Manager of Revlon Philippines, for sending me these! 🙂

Don’t you find them all pretty? I definitely love all these shades. I can’t thank Emman enough. He’s so generous to send these!

These New shades from Revlon nail polish looks so good right? Revlon polishes are of high quality too, it doesn’t chip off easily. I love it!

Let me give you a sum up about these shades..

  • 141 Angelic – it’s light pink in color, it look simple & demure yet fashionable 🙂
  • 370 Smoldering – it has a chromatic effect and it looks so good on nails. 🙂
  • 560 Zealous – it looks some sort of yellow green when still on the bottle, but its color is more of a yellow when applied on nails. This color is perfect for summer!
  • 471 Fashionista – This one’s my favorite, it has this blue green color. Ohh, I can’t deny my love for blue green. It’s so fashionable, as what the name says. 😀
  • 261 Sparkling – As what the name says, it sparkles! Haha. This nail polish is the perfect example of glittery pink. Its perfect to wear on a girl’s night out!

There you go, a summary of the new shades, love them? Buy now! 😀 It’s worth it. Remember, putting on a right shade of nail polish adds up extra glam on your outfit.
Once again, thank Emman for sending me these! 🙂

Want something that will transform your plain tees and shirts into fab pieces? Then Micica brooches is the best accessory that you should add to your wardrobe. 🙂
Micica is a project of two artists from Rijeka, one sculptor and one printmaker, who have jointed their skills in the many levels of applied art. Illustration was their start point and from there they move across souvenirs, brooches, pendants, competitions, art fairs and such.

Micica sent me these fab brooches and I really love how it adds glam to plain shirts & tees. It instantly adds life to your plain outfit. 🙂
Wait for my outfit posts wearing these brooches. You’ll see how beautiful they are! I know these brooches will be overused since I have lots of Plain Shirts which I don’t usually wear because I found them a bit dry. Thanks to Micica for transforming my plain tees into fab pieces! 🙂
Want something fashionable but handmade? Go follow Micica here in Tumblr. 😀

Let me introduce to you this wonderful shop, CoverBee has established itself as an innovation leader in the area of sleeves, of which originally there where only laptop sleeves. Today, CoverBee produces and sells sleeves of all kinds for absolutely everyone. Their sleeves are all handmade so you don’t have to worry about those loose stitches 🙂
I was lucky enough to get to choose one sleeve, Take a look!

Please excuse the vanity…

Being an Information Technology student and a Blogger at the same time, I can’t just leave my laptop at home. Its a necessity to me. Its really important to find a great sleeve for it that looks durable yet fashionable.
What I got is the Snake Black Boa Laptop Sleeve, it looks so classy, right? And that’s what I love about it. 🙂 However, its not just the design that we should be after, laptop sleeves should have that proper cushion to protect our laptops, and I’m proud to say that this sleeve from Coverbee got the perfect cushion. It’s soft like a pillow. In addition to that, sleeves from Coverbee are waterproof too, so your laptop is still protected by the sudden rain. No worries!

By the way, Coverbee also offers sleeves for your Macbook, Netbook, Iphone, & Ipad. 
You want fashionable, durable, and affordable sleeves? Then Coverbee got the products that you’re looking for. Visit their shop now!
One more thing to love about Coverbee, they offer FREE INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING. 🙂 That’s a great deal!

Have you ever wished you have those long and thick lashes? Almost every girl wants to have those gorgeous lashes. We wouldn’t mind using Eyelash Curlers, different kind of expensive mascaras, we are also willing to wear uncomfortable falsies just to get the gorgeous lashes we wanted.
Now, I would like to let you know about this wonderful product called Magic iLash that will surely give you the gorgeous lashes you’ve been Dying to have. Thanks to Magic Potions for this wonderful product 🙂

I have this Magic Ilash for more than two weeks now, I only posted a review now ‘cause I wanna give it a try first.

Magic iLash is Formulated to safely enhance your eyelashes giving you that longer and thicker eyelashes that you’ve always wanted. 
As for me, it’s really effective. I just use it twice a day, every morning & night. It really enhances my eyelashes, help to make my eyelashes grow longer and thicker. It’s also so easy to use, its just like putting on mascara. And also, wearing it looks like wearing a mascara too, it instantly enhances my lashes. I love how it makes my lashes grow longer and thicker too! 🙂
I’ll post the photos of my Eyelashes as soon as I get a decent photo. It’s really a very effective product. You must give it a try if you want those healthy & gorgeous eyelashes! I suggest that you visit Magic Potions now and grab your own Magic iLash Enhancer & say goodbye to those uncomfortable falsies! 🙂

One usually want to blend in, afraid to stand out with the crowd. I don’t think it’s a nice idea to let yourself just blend in when you’ve got style to flaunt. It’s not wrong to be different, it’s great actually! We are all beautiful in our own ways, so bring out that confidence you’ve been hiding for quite some time now and flaunt what you got! 🙂
Moving on to the outfit post…

I got the Bright Yellow Silk Single Shoulder Flounced Dress from Sheinside. I think it’s the perfect dress to wear when you wanna stand out in the crowd at night. Its a style stalker! :))
You may notice that I’m not wearing much accessories, I decided to wear minimal accessories ‘cause I don’t want to overdo the outfit. The dress itself is so flattering. 🙂

I just pair the dress with these gorgeous earring from Mauve which adds up elegance to the whole outfit. I got it from the mail today and I literally fell inlove upon seeing it. So there you go, can’t help myself from using it right away! Haha. It’s so pretty, right? 🙂
Do you find an inspiration with this post? If you want more fashionable pieces for your wardrobe, then you must not waste a second. Visit Sheinside & Mauve now! They’ll satisfy your cravings for fashionable stuffs! 🙂