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Loboc Man-made Forest – Bohol

September 10, 2016

Bilar ManMade ForestYup, you read that right, it’s Loboc Man-made Forest. Yes, it’s man-made! Well, it’s not practically a vacant 2-km lot where the locals decided to plant Mahogany trees on a whim. Apparently, there used to be a naturally grown forest but most trees were lost because of the widespread kaingin in the area. Read more…

Philippine Tarsier Sanctuary – Corella, Bohol

September 4, 2016

Philippine Tarsier Reserch CenterWe did The Countryside tour on our second day in Bohol. Our first stop is The Philippine Tarsier Sanctuary in Corella Bohol. It was a 15minute drive from the Panda Tea Garden Suites. We got to get upclose with the Tarsiers and kind of meet the famous Tarsier Man. Well, not really meet, we saw him and passed by him, I didn’t even realize it was him until Earvin told me when we were already back in our hotel room. He is such a simple man. Read more…

Panda Tea Garden Suites Bohol

August 28, 2016

where to stay in bohol panda tea garden suitesWe stayed at Panda Tea Garden Suites during our first two days in Bohol. It’s a 5 minute ride via tricycle from the airport. We chose this hotel mainly because it’s near the Island City mall and the transport terminal. We booked their standard room via Agoda. It is walking distance from the Island City Mall and the transport terminal and is situated right in front of NIA. Read more…

Bohol 2016 Travel Diary

August 21, 2016
Bohol 2016 Travel Vlog:

As you have probably seen in my instagram posts, Earvin and I celebrated our sixth anniversary in Bohol Island. In the coming weekends, I’ll be blogging mostly about our Bohol 2016 Travel Diary. I will share everything to you, from the hotel we stayed in, places we ate at, and the tours we did. Read more…

Calatagan, Batangas 2016

July 3, 2016

Last June 13-15, we head over to Calatagan, Batangas for a little getaway with Earvin’s workmates. We don’t have enough footage though as we didn’t really get to swim a lot. We just rented a boat to do a little island hopping then we hanged out and drank a bit in the middle of the sea. I mostly stayed at the boat though because I don’t know how to swim. Haha! Read more…

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