soufeel jewelry review

Can’t believe it’s October already! It feels like it was just January yesterday. Time flew by way too fast! Anyways, since Christmas is fast approaching, I am almost certain that you guys are already doing your Christmas shopping little by little. If you’re still not certain what to give to your mom this Christmas, why not give her a personalized Soufeel Jewelry charm? In my opinion, nothing beats personalized gifts! 🙂 View Post

Better than Me
earvin at wright park

It seems like my boyfriend has been going to a lot! I mean, look at his poses in this post! They were all very lookbook-ish! I think he’s getting better than me! Hahaha.

We were goofing around the Wright Park and while he’s taking my photos, he asked me to take his afterwards. I thought I’ll just take very casual photos of him and little did I know that he’s going to show me his so-called blogger poses. I asked him if I could publish these photos on my blog and he doesn’t say no so here they are. Enjoyyyy. View Post