The lovely weird

   Cool and weird photographs are a really rare thing when it comes to wedding photography. But what we call weird may sometimes be just beautifully different from what we are used to see. Today, specifically in the San Francisco wedding photography you can find underwater specialized photographers. Also, there are guys who can take your wedding pictures while you are skydiving with your future hubby. How cool is that? Forget the boring and the regular, today you have the chance to make it in your own way.

  It is simply amazing that in the 21st century we can do so many things, like photographing while being under water or flying in the sky. Doing this kind of stuff while getting married is even more exciting, because the wedding is one of the most traditional events of our lives and the fact that we can do it untraditionally, makes me wonder about how the world changed. If you look at the evolution of wedding photography throughout the years, starting in the 19th century, you will see that it all became not only more colorful but also weird. And the photographs are weird in a good way, because we get to see young brides and grooms trying to do something totally different and individual. It all makes perfect sense because why would you have photographs like the other 10 million of people do, when you can have unique pictures of your wedding, that are in absolute harmony with your personality?

  I truly believe that what matters the most in creating your wedding photographs, is to fully satisfy your wishes. You should have what you want and if you want some photographs in the zoo, dressed in white and riding a zebra you should absolutely have them. It is your wedding, it is your photo album and it is your memory. Don’t you ever be afraid of being bizarre and different from the others. Weird is good when it’s done in a beautiful way.

  The awesome thing about wedding photography is that this industry is also an art. So it is all about creating. It creates amazing memories for you and it has to be done the way you like it. If you love Guns N’ Roses and you want to look like that amazing bride from November Rain video, do it and make your wedding photo shoot have an 80’s rock theme. It is your weird wedding and it is your cool wedding photograph you love, that matters. 

Manicure Mondays : Revlon Brilliant Strength Nail Enamel in #140 Magnetize

 Let me tell you something about me, I used to be addicted to nail polishes since my first year in college. I used to hoard nail polishes and pain my nails different colors like every other day. I don't know what happened why I haven't been painting my nails regularly for almost a year now. Maybe I got tired, or I got bored? Anyway, I was feeling really stressed a few days back and suddenly, I decided to have my nails painted to cheer me up. Painting my nails give me a different kind of high. :D

Rimmel London Lasting Finish by Kate Moss Lipstick Review

This is just the second Rimmel London lipstick the I own, the first one from the Kate Moss Collection and I'd say I didn't really find significant difference on this Lasting Finish by Kate Moss Lipstcik than my first Rimmel London lipstick.

I still like this one, though. It has a great formula and it's pretty affordable too. Rimmel London Lipstick are definitely one of my favorite drugstore lipstick brands.