Vidal Sassoon Intensive Repair Hair Mask Review

Vidal Sassoon Intensive Repair Hair Mask Review
Hair mask that can be combined with both based care, care of the color.While proud of the highest repair power among the series, mask and dispel the stereotype of traditional to repair the damage firm- called, tend to be heavy, realize the surprising lightness that does not interfere with the styling. Gem idea of ​​Vidal Sassoon to think up styling from care was alive. - Vidal Sassoon Website

Did I make the right decision when I chose Blogging over a Regular Job?

I've been out of school for a bit more than a year now and the questions I get asked all the time are "What's your job?", "What do you do for a living?" and to be honest it's like the question I fear getting asked. When I get asked these questions I usually shrug out of awkwardness, stare blankly at the person asking me questions and shyly answer that I'm a blogger and I work from home, online.

The usual follow up questions will be "Oh, do you think you made a good choice?" "Why not start your career why you're still young?" "Do you really think you can live off of blogging?".

Cozy Weather

It's been raining the past few days during the afternoons which makes sense that I start hoarding hoodies and sweaters again, right?

I don't really like the rain as it annoys me to death when I need to go somewhere and it pours. And also, I'm afraid of heavy downfalls as the crazy sound sounds of raindrops almost always gives me anxiety. I don't know why it gets me anxious when it's actually relaxing for most people.

Anyways, I've been looking online for hoodies and sweaters just because I love wearing them. You can snuggle on it at home or strut on the mall on your hoodie without getting judged, right? Haha!

So as I was saying, rainy season is about to begin so go online and chechk Zalora's collection of hoodies for women if you're a local reader or if you prefer to shop locally for faster shipping. I love their plain sweaters and the ones with minimalist prints :)


The past two weeks I’ve shared with you my makeup essentials and why you shouldn’t fear mascara! Did the myths we debunked helped you? I hope it did!

Anyway, on my third post in the #mustcara series I’ll show you why a mascara is a must! 

Eye contact is one of the most powerful body language so always be sure to make it count! Did you know that making an eye contact can either send a friendly message or an intimidating one? I’m pretty sure you’d rather send a friendly message than scare someone away with your eyes so be sure to have your perfect smize on every time. I still remember when my grandmother used to tell me that the eyes that smile are always the prettiest!

without Hypercurl Volum' Express Mascara
Uhm, I played a bit with the Hypercurl Volum’ Express mascara so I can show you the difference when you wear it and why I am so obsessed about it.
with Hypercurl Volum' Express Mascara

 Can you see the difference how my eyes look way more expressive when I’m wearing the Hypercurl Volum’ Express mascara? That’s what a few swipes of #mustcara can do! ;) 

PS. I know that I shouldn't be showing my teeth as smizing means you're not supposed to show your teeth so please bear with me, i'm no expert in projecting a smize but my eyes are really smiling, aren't they? :)

Luz Kitchenette - Gapan City, Nueva Ecija

After doing the usual grocery rounds a few weeks ago, we decided to eat out at Luz Kitchenette instead of our usual KFC run. 

Luz Kitchenette is a must-vist restaurant when you are at Nueva Ecija. The food they serve is totally delish and worth coming back for yet so affordable! It's a restaurant with a carinderia vibe. You can either go on their buffet spread and pin point which dishes you want to order or you can ask for a menu. It's definitely up to you!

Check out what we ordered after the cut!
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