Republic of Tea : Chocolate Peppermint Tea

I feel like I've neglected this blog again. I just can't believe how bad of a blogger I am. :( Anyways, can you believe that this post has been sitting on my drafts since last June? lol! But since it's been less than a month before Christmas, I might as well publish this tea-related post as the vibe it gives while drinking it is actually very Christmas-y! :)

Christmas Gift Idea for Guys

Hi Loves! How are you all doing? I just realized that it's been more than a month since I last published a blog post in this blog. Time has flown by!!

Anyway, on my previous post I shared a gift idea for Christmas, check out my other blog for that post. ;) This article is some kind of continuation of that article since I'll still be talking about Christmas gift ideas. ;)

Yes, I'm talking about Polo shirts as the second Christmas gift idea, I find this keep versatile as every one seems to be wearing them, from grandpas, to dads, to boyfriends, down to cute little kids. They can all rock a polo shirt. It's like every guy's go-to outfit!


Whaaaat? It's been more than a month since I last published a post on this blog? I can't believe I've neglected this blog for so long. :( Well, at least I'm finally back! I am keeping this post short because I need to rush our now.

Let me leave you with these photos taken about a month or two ago. Haha. Sorry for the overly cool tones in this photo. xx

Little Black Dress

It's been a while since I last published an outfit post, I know! :( Let's just say that I'm currently in a state where my confidence decided to escape my being. However, I'm trying to love my body the way I did before so here's a start, an outfit post!